100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage


Learn all about the fight for women’s suffrage in these stories from our back issues

The Long Road to Women’s Suffrage in Connecticut” by Jessica D. Jenkins, Spring 2016  
 “Josephine Bennett: Setting the Watchfires of Liberty,” by Mark Jones and Nancy O. Albert, Fall 2005

Why was the fight in Connecticut so hard?

Senator Brandegee Stonewalls Women’s Suffrage” by Christopher A. Griffin and Henry S. Cohn

Were African American women represented in the fight?

Audacious Alliances: Mary Townsend Seymour” by Mark H. Jones

Lesson Plan: The Progressive Era’s Mary Townsend Seymour

Who else was involved, especially around World War I?

Greenwich Women Face the Great War” by Kathleen Eagen Johnson.

What happened after the vote was won?

Who were some other groundbreakers?

Mary Hall: Breaking the Legal Barrier,” by Elizabeth Warren
Women Who Changed the World,” by Barbara Sicherman

Were women politically active before the 19th Amendment?

No Taxation without Representation: Black Suffrage in Connecticut” by Katherine Harris, Spring 2016





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