Table of Contents VOLUME 22/NUMBER 2/Spring 2024



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pg 9 Hog River Journal: What the Heck Is Digital History?

By Kathy Hermes

pg 11 Letters, etc.

pg 13 Collection Connections in the Digital Age

By Michael Kemezis and Khalil Quotap

pg 14 Photo Essay: Preserving and Revitalizing Connecticut Churches Through 3D Tour Technology

By Tony Healy

pg 20 Assembling the Puzzle Pieces: The Unionist Unified, Prudence Crandall, and the Canterbury Female Academy

By Jennifer Rycenga and Nick Szydlowski

pg 25 The Canterbury Female Boarding School Story in the 21st Century

By Joanie DiMartino

pg 26 Ground Penetrating Radar Applications to Connecticut Archaeology: Excavation in the Digital Age

By David E. Healy, PhD

pg 32 Connecticut Explored Behind the Scenes: AM Lithography Corporation Builds a Business on Ink and Paper

By Mary M. Donohue

pg 36 A 3D Journey into the Past: Life and Labor at New London’s Joshua Hempsted House

By Aaron Marcavitch

pg 40 The Veterans History Project on the Connecticut Digital Archive

By Bryan Matzke

pg 42 From an Underground Prison to the Boundless Sea: Using Digital Tools to Trace the Lives of New-Gate

By Glenn W. Falk and Ava C. Caudle

pg 44 Site Lines: Meet ConnCRIS!

By Jenny Scofield, AICP

pg 46 Spotlight: News & Events from Partner Organizations


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