More about Our Readers

Findings from a 2020 survey of readers illustrate that Connecticut Explored is a highly-regarded magazine that is deeply read by culturally active, life-long learners with a strong affinity for Connecticut and its history. Readers come to the magazine to learn and be entertained by articles they find interesting, and ads with information they value.

  • Readers are most likely to learn about the magazine from a friend, relative or colleague. With a print run of 6,000 copies, 10,800 adults read each issue of the magazine, and approximately 24,000 adults read the magazine over the course of a year.
  • Connecticut Explored readers are older, affluent, well-educated adults; 64% are subscribers. Most readers (65%) are 65+, 91% have at least a college degree, and the median income of readers is $86,700.
  • The magazine’s readers are culturally active adults; 43% support three or more organizations as a member, donor, and/or volunteer. The magazine inspires those who read it to get out and about to tour a historic site or museum (79%), visit an exhibit (71%), learn more about an organization (47%), or attend a program or event (47%). In 2020, three-quarters (67%) of our readers had attended a virtual tour, lecture, or panel discussion within six months of the survey.
  • Readers’ perceptions of the magazine’s quality remain very high, with a majority rating it “Excellent” across the key attributes of writing (61%), production (69%), and range of topics or themes (55%). Almost two-thirds (63%) say they are “very likely” to recommend the magazine.
  • Half of readers (50%) say they “thoroughly read most articles,” and 68% say they “look at most of the ads.” Almost all subscribers (81%) read only the print edition; 19% read the digital version.
  • Subscribers are loyal. About half (49%) report that they have subscribed for five or more years.
  • One-quarter (25%) of readers listen to the podcast, Grating the Nutmeg, which debuted in 2015. Among those who listen, about half rate the podcast as “Excellent,” and listeners say they are “very likely” to recommend the podcast. The podcast also attracts non-subscribers.
  • Very few readers engage with the magazine across social media; in 2020 19% of readers follow the magazine on Facebook, 5% on Instagram, and 3% on Twitter, but our sites’ followers are growing every day!


Here’s what readers tell us!

Most readers come to the magazine because they are “very interested in Connecticut history” (82%), “enjoy learning new things about Connecticut” (80%) or are “interested in places to go and things to do” (64%). Half (52%) also say they read it because “it’s a great magazine.”

“I like the quality of the writing. It is very good without being weighty or ponderous. I like the humor, sense of curiosity shown. I like the themes and the stories that focus on subjects simply not covered anywhere else. I think Connecticut Explored is a very fine, unique magazine. I love it!”

“It’s perfect. Perfect amount of good ads. Beautifully presented. Both pithy and fun at the same time. Brilliant!”

“It’s always fascinating–and reliable: entertaining, trustworthy, intriguing, and useful.”

“With each issue, I learn something new about a person or place related to Connecticut history. Often stories lead me to visit areas of the state I have not visited before.”

“It makes you proud to be from Connecticut!”