More about Our Readers

  • Our reader research reveals that CTExplored’s readers are older, affluent, well-educated, culturally active , lifelong learners. They have the time, the inclination, and the resources to pursue their interests.
  • Between July 2012 and June 2013, more than 70% of respondents to our 2013 reader survey had visited an art or history museum or historic site, performing arts or music event, or cultural event or festival.
  • Age and affluence drive how and where our readers spend money. Market data suggests that CTExplored’s audience is far more likely to travel, attend cultural events, own investments, spend on significant home improvements, and purchase luxury items.
  • CTExplored engages readers in every town in Connecticut, which provides our advertisers with expanded opportunities and greater reach.
  • 71% of respondents to our 2013 reader survey reported that they looked at most of the ads or made a point of looking at all of the ads. This is a slight uptick from our 2010 survey–indicating that our readers continue to find valuable information in our ads.
  • Our subscriber base is loyal and growing. 45% have been subscribers for 5 years or more; 20% are new. In our 11th year of publication, we reach 3,600 subscribers whose high renewal rate demonstrates their loyalty.
  • We reach an additional 1,300 households chosen from among the donor and member lists of Connecticut’s premier cultural institutions—a constituency you can’t reach through any other publication.
  • The remaining copies of our print run are sold at museum shops and bookstores, or are distributed via special partnerships with arts and culture organizations
  • Over the course of a year, our print run of 6,000 copies of each issue reaches approximately 11,400 readers of each issue and 25,000 affluent, well-educated, culturally-oriented readers each year.

Here’s what readers tell us!

“I like the quality of the writing. It is very good without being weighty or ponderous. I like the humor, sense of curiosity shown. I like the themes and the stories that focus on subjects simply not covered anywhere else. I think Connecticut Explored is a very fine, unique magazine. I love it!”

“It’s perfect. Perfect amount of good ads. Beautifully presented. Both pithy and fun at the same time. Brilliant!”

“It’s always fascinating–and reliable: entertaining, trustworthy, intriguing, and useful.”

“With each issue, I learn something new about a person or place related to Connecticut history. Often stories lead me to visit areas of the state I have not visited before.”

“It makes you proud to be from Connecticut!”