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2021-2022 Friends of Connecticut Explored

THANK YOU to our loyal friends—and our new friends—who made gifts to support Connecticut Explored, Grating the Nutmeg, collaborative programming, and educational initiatives. Your support keeps us going!

Listed here are donors of $100 or more whose gifts were received by January 7, 2022. Names with asterisks also contributed to the special Connecticut Explored Endow Hartford 21 fund at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. CTExplored’s first-ever endowment campaign continues through June 30, 2022 (visit

If you haven’t yet given to the Friends of Connecticut Explored or would like to add to your gift, our fiscal year ends August 31. Visit or send a check to CTExplored, PO Box 271561, West Hartford, CT 06127-1561. Gifts received this spring will be listed next spring. 

Gifts of $1,000 or More
Sue B. Hart Foundation
Elaine Knowlton*
Robert A. Moore

Gifts of $250 to $999
Duff Ashmead & Eric Ort
Jay & Allison Bombara
Diane & David Boston
Charles Clark*
Ron Claveloux*
Trig & Sam Cooley*
Elizabeth A. Demir
John & Michele Dolan*
Diane & Joe Foley
Goodwin University
Angie & David Hein
Marcia D. Hinckley
Daniel R. Kingman*
Christopher Larsen*
Gene Leach & Kathy Frederick
Judith Lohman & David Reik*
Robert E. Morris Jr.*
Roy Normen*
Elisabeth Riley*
Humphrey Tonkin & Jane Edwards
William Watson*
Debrah Welling & Jack Intrator*
James Welling
George & Betsy White
Olivia & Carey White

Gifts of $101 to $249
Anonymous (7 gifts)
Dorothy S. Armstrong*
Marshall Atwater
Vern Baker
Robert Bowden
Carol R. Bruce
Harold C. Buckingham, Jr.*
Susan M. Bullock
William G. Chase
Francis Chiaramonte*
Leslie C. Clark*
Lauren & Steven Clarke
Raiford Cockfield
Connecticut Tintypist
Timothy & Diane Covello
Sue & Phil Crombie, Jr.
Rev. Msg. J. James Cuneo
Drs. Elena & Booker DeVaughn*
Carol & Richard Dominy
Bonnie & Walt Drozeck
Robert H. Connell & Michelle Duffy
Donna P. Frank
Mr. & Mrs. William Gibbs*
Carl J. & Marcia E. Gimbrone*
Paula Jones & Kevin Gough*
Zadelle Krasow Greenblatt
Briann Greenfield & Morgan Hanna
Natalie Harbeson*
Sam Havens
Wes Haynes
Kimball & Dorothy Hunt
Polly & Sam Huntington
Russ & Barb Jones
Sunny & Jeff Kagan
Joseph Kanell
Douglas Kehl*
Chet & Suzanne Kitchings
Steven C. Kleinman
John & Monica Knapp
Lanard A. Krause
Marcia Lattimore
Susan Lennon & Robert Merritt
In Memory of Al Lubenow
Susan Cain McBeth
Harry E. Meyer
Marcella & Thomas Montagano
Peter & Peggy Morse
John H. O’Leary
Rocco Orlando
Jeannie Parker
Elise Plocharcyzk
Raphael Podolsky
Susan Matheson & Jerome Pollitt*
Dr. Jon E. Purmont
Paul Alan Ramirez
Barbara D. Roberts
Gayle & Howard Rothman*
Mary T. Sargent*
Samuel L. Schrager & Terry L. Gellin
Gregory & Camille Servodidio
Jonathan Seymour*
John & Suzanne Shannahan
Deborah D. Shapiro*
Mark R. Shenkman
Walter E. Smith*
Doris Sorrentino
David R. Theroux
Heather Tomasetti
Joan E. Twiggs
Ann & Dean Uphoff
Susan & Allan Viner
Sylvia E. Webb
David Westmoreland & Michael Mushak*
Stephanie Williams
Ingrid E. Wood
Peter C. Young*

Gifts of $100
Anonymous (5 gifts)
Adamson Family
Barbara & Ray Andrews
Billie & Michael Anthony
David W. Babington
Peter Barlow
Robert & Susan Beach
Louise Beecher
Barbara Beeching
Janice Benda
Kenneth Bird
C. Duane Blinn
Raymond & Karen Bliss
Edward M. Bombaci
Maryann Bracken
Emily Brenner
Dave Brigham
Peter L. Brown
Richard & Irene Brown
Alan & Sharon Cantor
Dorothy Cantor
John S. Caporale
Kenneth J. Carifa
John Carson
Mark & Victoria Chavey
Carol L. Cheney
Sherry Clark
Jeremiah Coffey
G. D. & M. E. Cropper
Sam & Pam Crum
Ruth Ann C. Davis*
Nancy Dedmond
Philip C. & Mary Alice Dennehy*
Craig Diangelo
Mary M. Donohue & James O’Sullivan
Steven Dowling
Franklin Dubois Jr.
John & Marjorie Eickel
Dennis J. Evans
Lynn Fahy*
Lynn Ferrari
Reinald Figueroa
Tom Finan & Donna Eriksen
Gary Gastiger
Edward F. Gerber
Mark Gerity
Edmond & Cathryn Girard*
Raymond Gravelin & Laura Curley
Katherine W. Green*
George W. Grisevich
Timothy Griswold
Haddam Historical Society
Ken & Gail Hamblett
Walter & Dianne Harrison
Richard Harter
Ann B. Hennen
John Herzan & Lauren Brown
Linda Hocking
Dick & Beverly Hughes*
Institute for American Indian Studies
Bud & Charlotte Jason*
Cindy & Mark Jones
Katherine Kalwat*
Bernard L. Kavaler
David Keiser
Paul R. Keroack*
Teal King
Joyce Kirkpatrick
Janice & David Klein
Frank Klosowksi
Downing E. Koch
Neal Konstantin
Lee Kuckro
Lisa Kugelman
Peter Ladd
Lucianne Lavin
William C. Leary
Tedd Levy
Carol A. LeWitt*
Nicholas Longo
Isabel Malkin
Susan & Brian Mandeville
Robert Marra
Patricia T. Matt
Hank McDonald
Joan & George McGauley
Dale & Joan McKenzie
Brenda Milkofsky
Lois Muraro
Barbara Narendra
Geoffrey Palmer
Penniman Architects
Elliott & Eileen Pollack
John Alan Pote
Christine Psathas & Robert Shabot
Cassy & Dick Quintal
Thomas M. Rathier
Connie & Ron Robinson
Lewis J. Robinson, Jr.
Nina Ruckes
Valerie Santilli
Patty Sanzone
Patricia M. Schaefer
Phyllis Schlemmer
Bill & Suzanne Schreffler
Daniel Scoppetta
Alfred A. Seelig Jr
Sue & Tim Shepard
Robert Shipman*
Rebecca Skinner
John Small
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Smith Jr.
Carol Snow
Nancy Steenburg
Tora Sterregaard
Shepard & Marlene Stone
Davidde E. Strackbein
Shelley Strohm*
Karen Sullivan
Joel H. Third
Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Villani
Norma E. Volk
Marion E. Warren
Michael Wilder
James Williamson
David A. Yutzey
William Zikias, Jr.

THANK YOU to our donors of less than $100. Every gift counts!