Summer 2022 — An Outsider’s View


VOL. 20/NO. 3/ Summer 2022


IN THIS ISSUE:  >  An Outsider’s View  >  George Washington Tours the State  >  Southern Writer Skewers Twain’s Circle  >  Fuller Brings the Dymaxion to Bridgeport  >  Out of Saarinen’s Shadow in Hamden  >  The Robesons Choose Enfield  >  Look, It’s the Hindenburg!

On the covertop: “Dymaxion Car #2,” National Automobile Museum, Reno, see page 44; bottom left: detail, The Hindenburg, Bridgeport History Center, see page 26; bottom right: The IBM Pavilion, 1964 World’s Fair, © Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates, see page 28.

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pg 9  Hog River Journal: Passing Through, Putting Down Roots
By Elizabeth J. Normen

pg 10  Letters, etc.

pg 13  From the State Historian: The U.S. National Park Service’s Founder, Director, and Champion
By Walter W. Woodward

pg 14  Photographing Wartime Connecticut
Jack Delano, Gordon Parks, & Marion Post cover the state.
By Mary M. Donohue & Elizabeth J. Normen

pg 20  A Southern View of Twain’s Hartford
Oh, the tales a writer can tell.
By Miki Pfeffer

pg 26  The Hindenburg Flies Over Bridgeport
By Carolyn Ivanoff

pg 28 Architect Kevin Roche, Shaping Environments
Big design ideas get their start in Hamden.
By Robert Gregson

pg 34  The West Indian Social Club, A Home Away From Home
The pulse of Hartford’s Caribbean community.
By Fiona Vernal

pg 38  Frederick Douglass in New London
By Thomas Schuch

pg 40 George Washington in Connecticut
By Elizabeth J. Normen

pg 44 Buckminster Fuller, Bridgeport, and the Car of Tomorrow
By Charlie McMahon

pg 46  Site Lines: The Robesons Move to Enfield
By Steve Thornton

pg 50  John Henry Twachtman Adopts Greenwich
By Maggie Dimock

pg 52  CT History for Kids: The First Immigrants, the English

pg 53   Spotlight: Events & News from Partner Organizations

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