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I have enjoyed every issue of CTExplored for the three years I’ve been receiving them. I read the magazine from cover to cover and also visit many of the places advertised. I am on the board of the Vernon Historical Society and pass along all the interesting articles and travel sites to our members. When I plan a trip to one of your interesting sites, my husband and I make sure our seven-seater car is full of members who don’t drive. Sometimes we even get one or two other drivers and fill their cars as well. I would like to take advantage of the offer of receiving information in between printed issues [via e-mail]. Thank you for making my life and our lives at the society more interesting, especially during these COVID times. I would rather read than do virtual programs, but virtual is growing on me slowly, but surely.

Cheryl Arzt
Via e-mail

Thank you for your article about Thomas Dodd and his role in the Nuremberg Tribunal (Fall 2020). My father, Robert Douglas King, also participated in the trials. He was a graduate of Yale Law School and was inspired to join the trials after listening to a speech by Robert Jackson, Chief United State Prosecutor at Nuremberg.

My father spent most of his time on the Justice Case, which tried German lawyers and judges who had changed the German legal system to a Nazi system. The Nuremberg Tribunal and the impact they have had on human rights is significant and my father expressed concern that people would forget its importance.

Ruth Dianne King McHutchison
Haddam Neck

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who responded to our online reader survey last fall. We received a wealth of insightful feedback about the magazine and our Grating the Nutmeg podcast. Cheri Arzt’s letter above reflects many of our readers’ feelings—strong loyalty to the magazine, appreciation for receiving it in their homes, and a deep interest in our partner museums and their programs and activities. We’re grateful that the print magazine continues to be so well appreciated but are also glad to know that our readers—culturally active, lifelong learners that they are—are willing to try new ways of experiencing Connecticut history! We look forward to continuing to bring you Connecticut history, one good story after another, as we have for 18 years!

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Thank you also to our many loyal—and new—Friends of Connecticut Explored who made gifts above and beyond their membership-subscriptions to help us continue publishing and providing educational resources for students in grades K through 12. Our fiscal year doesn’t end until August 31, so if you haven’t given yet, there’s still time to help us balance our budget and reach more schoolchildren. Make a gift at ctexplored.org/shop or send a check to Connecticut Explored, PO Box 271561, West Hartford, CT 06127-1561. Gifts of $100 or more made through January 7, 2021 are listed on page 58 and on our website at ctexplored.org/subscribe/friends-of-connecticut-explored/.

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