Environmental History — Spring 2021


VOLUME 19/NUMBER 2/Spring 2021

IN THIS ISSUE: Connecticut’s Only National Wildlife Refuge  >  Saving our Rivers  >  Mixing Chemistry and Farming  >  Where to Find Living Monuments   >  The Mohegan Petition of 1789 >   Creating a Lake to Make Power

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On the cover: Salt marsh pink, Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge. photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
According to the USFWS, the annual salt marsh pink depends on open sandy soils and is endangered in the state due to loss of habitat and the spread of invasive species such as common reed (Phragmites australis). See story page 32.


pg 9  From the Publisher
Hog River Journal: Take a Hike!
By Elizabeth J. Normen

pg 10  Letters, etc.

pg 13  From the State Historian: The Energy of our Great River
By Walter W. Woodward

pg 14 Trees as Memorials and Witnesses to History
Connecticut’s monumental trees.
By Leah S. Glaser

pg 20 When Connecticut’s Rivers Ran Black
The high cost of the Industrial Revolution.
By William Devlin

pg 26 Connecticut’s Agricultural Experiment Station
Where visionaries applied chemistry to agriculture.
By Elizabeth Holt

pg 32  Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge
By Johnna Kaplan

pg 34  Our Historic Salt Marshes
By Judy Preston

pg 36 The Mohegan Petition of 1789: “One Dish and One Fire Will Not Do”
By Elizabeth J. Normen

pg 38  The Danger of Illuminating Gas
By Jennifer DiCola Matos

pg 40  Site Lines: Rocky River Hydroelectric Plant
By Christopher Wigren

pg 42  Saving Historic Family Farms
By Dawn C. Adiletta

pg 46 Fish, Game, and Forest Conservation Through Time
Natural resource loss and restoration over 300 years.
By Elizabeth J. Normen

pg 51  CT History for Kids: Hats Off for Birds and Beavers

pg 52   Spotlight: Events & News from Partner Organizations

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2020 Connecticut Center for the Book Finalist in the “Spirit of Connecticut” category for Venture Smith’s Colonial Connecticut

2017 Bruce Fraser Friend of the Social Studies Award, Connecticut Council for the Social Studies

2014 Connecticut League of History Organizations Award of Merit for African American Connecticut Explored

 2010 Award of Merit, Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

2005 Wilbur Cross Award, Humanities Program of the Year, Connecticut Humanities Council

2003 Jeffery S. Czopor Award, Hartford Preservation Alliance and Preservation Week Committee


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