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Where I Live: Connecticut, the new social studies resource for third/fourth grade about Connecticut will be available in print and e-book/website for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Where I Live: Connecticut is designed

  • To support the new social studies frameworks for Grade 3, “Our State and our City/Town: Yesterday and Today.” Throughout, teachers will find content that builds on the Grade 2 frameworks, “Making a Difference.”
  • To support the new inquiry arc
  • To provide ample nonfiction reading for English/Language Arts teaching
  • As a platform upon which your district or school develops its curriculum 

The website and e-book are available for free. 


Print copies are available as follows:

$8 for single copies up to 24
$136 for a 25-pack
All prices include shipping, handling, and sales tax
Schools and tax-exempt organizations must furnish tax-exempt documentation.


Where I Live: Connecticut is: 

  • Teacher developed
  • An 80-page, 9-chapter text, rich with maps, images, and info graphics, available in an online electronic version
  • A companion web site with 30+ additional extension essays written at third-grade reading level
  • Limited inquiry kits and additional resources 
  • Print copies delivered August 2017.
  • E-book and website available for free.

HISTORICAL SOCIETIES: Include your town. Fill out and submit  Template for “My Town”

Table of Contents and Sample Pages

Chapter 1: Geography

         Water, Water Everywhere
         Connecticut’s Climate

Chapter 2: Connecticut’s First Peoples        


Chapter 3: Quinnetukut Becomes Connecticut
     The Settlement of Connecticut
     Life in a Colonial Town
     Founding Documents
     How We Govern

Chapter 4: Cities and Towns
     Connecticut’s Cities
     My Town

Chapter 5: Important Connecticans

Chapter 6: Wars & Disasters
     Connecticut at War
     Calamity in Connecticut

Chapter 7: Our Economy
     Jobs Then and Now
     Connecticut Invents!
     Moving Across Connecticut

Chapter 8: Let’s Go!
     Let’s Explore: State Parks
    Let’s Play: Sports
    Let’s Create: Arts & Culture
    Let’s Learn: Museums
    Let’s Learn: Education

Chapter 9
  Timeline: Major Events in Connecticut History
  Fun Facts

Please contact Elizabeth Normen at enormen@ctexplored.org for more information.



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