Summer Issue: Fun and Adventure


Our Summer 2013 issue’s cover story is all about Hartford’s short-lived amusement park Luna Park. “For four summers a flamboyant amusement park cavorted on 12 acres of West Hartford just over the Hartford line, like a kid razzing a truant officer…” the story begins. The fun and adventure doesn’t stop there. Other stories in this issue include Roseland Cottage’s famous July 4th celebrations–attended by three standing presidents; New Havener Joel Root’s round the world voyage to hunt seals and seek his fortune; Sarah Gray of Lebanon’s adventures at sea with her whaling captain husband and three children; and Eliza McCook’s life work as a missionary in turn of the 20th century China.

We also celebrate the relaunch of the Charles W. Morgan at Mystic Seaport, Connecticut State Parks’ 100th anniversary, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Eugene O’Neill’s Monte Cristo cottage in New London, and more!

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