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Just came across Tracey Wilson’s 2020 article about Auerfarm and the legacy of Beatrice Fox Auerbach. (Tracey M. Wilson, “Growing and Learning at Auerfarm,” Connecticut Explored, Summer 2020)

My father was born in Hartford,and we used to visit my grandparents there every summer in the 1950s and 1960s.

They only served Auerfarm milk. My siblings and I all recall the milk in quart glass bottles, which Grandma would shake so that the heavy cream on top mixed in with the milkto form an overly rich liquid that many of us found difficult to drink.

Grandma and Dad had both worked at G. Fox and Co. in their youth; a great-uncle, Moses A. Stern, retired from the store after a long career there.

Mrs. Fox was still alive when wewere regular Hartford visitors, and she was often spoken of, always in a very reverential tone. She was somewhat of a saint in Hartford, especially to the Jewish community.

I always thought it was amusing that the other great Jewish philanthropist in Hartford was a woman, but of a very different background—Sophie Tucker.

Keep up the great work!

Jonathan Friend

Simi Valley, California


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