Winter Issue 2022-23: Citizen Historians, VOL. 21/NO. 1


VOL. 21/NO. 1/Winter 2022-23

IN THIS ISSUE:  > Citizen Historians


On the cover: A sampling of our 20 for 20: Innovation in Connecticut History Game Changers and Citizen Historians in action. Click HERE to find out more! 


pg 9  Hog River Journal: Hog River Journal: Sapere aude! Dare to know!

By Kathy Hermes

pg 10  Letters, etc.

pg 16 Preserving Connecticut’s Historic Burying Places

By Alex Dubois

pg 22 Game Changer:The New London Black Heritage Trail

By Tom Schuch and Curtis K. Goodwin

pg 26 Game Changer: Interview with Steve Thornton

By Elizabeth Rose

pg 28 Game Changer: Witness Stones Project

By Dennis Culliton

pg 30 Game Changer: The Fight for Anti-Racist Pedagogy

By Benie N’sumbu

pg 32 A Shaker Treasure Comes to Light

By M. Stephen Miller

pg 38 Journey to Preserve the History of Attorneys of Color

By Robyn Johnson

pg 40 Game Changer: Summers of Freedom: Martin Luther King Jr. in Connecticut

By Richard Curtiss

pg 42 The New England Hebrew Farmers of the Emanuel Society

By Nancy R. Savin

pg 46 Site Lines: Connecticut’s Irish-American HeritageTrail

By Mary M. Donohue

pg 48 Mike Allen’s AmazingTales from On and Off the Beaten Path

By William Devlin

pg 61 CT History for Kids: Connecticut History Day’s Citizen Historians

pg 62 Spotlight: Events & News from Partner Organizations


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