Winter 2021 – 2022: Voices from the Past


The Winter 2021-2022 issue, in the mail to member-subscribers and on newsstands by December 1, brings you the compelling voices of Connecticut’s past. In their own words, a self-described rogue, a  girl at sea, a fugitive from slavery, an aspiring gold miner, a Patriot at war, a Pequot son, and a New Woman artist bring us their riveting stories across time and space.

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Why was 6-year-old Maud Maxson at sea rounding the tip of South American when her mother and father were safe at home in Mystic in 1876?

What was it like for Josiah Atkins on the front lines of the Revolutionary War while his pregnant wife waited anxiously at home in Wolcott?

How did William Stuart manage to continue counterfeiting colonial coins while incarcerated in New-Gate Prison?

How did Regina Mason discover a long lost ancestor who had been a fugitive from slavery in Connecticut?

These are just four of the compelling stories in this issue of Connecticut Explored!

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HOLIDAY OFFER through 12/31/21!
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