We’ll Get By with a Little Help from Our Friends


f2By Elizabeth J. Normen

As our Fall issue went to press, we receive word that, due to Governor Malloy’s line-item veto of funding for Connecticut Humanities (CTH) in the state budget, we will not receive funding from CTH this year. Many have asked how this will affect CT Explored. The answer is that we’ll need to rely on our Friends of Connecticut Explored more than ever and apply some creative problem solving! 

                          HAVE YOUR GIFT MATCHED!
An anonymous Friend has offered to match new and increased gifts up to a total of $10,000 if received by 12/31/16. That could mean $20,000 in new funding for CT Explored–and go a long way to filling this year’s funding gap.

More than just the magazine is affected. Our special project, just under way, to create a third grade social studies text about Connecticut is also affected. The state adopted recommendations last year to incorporate Connecticut history into the K – 12 social studies curriculum. We’ve got so much great content that is just ready and waiting to be re-written at the third grade level–it seemed natural for us to take this on! (Why third grade? teachers have told us there is a dearth of material available for this reading level.) We’re really excited to be working with the state social studies consultant and third-grade teachers to develop this publication—and CTH would have been a natural funder had its grant funds not been zeroed out in the state budget. We will be looking for alternate funding of $10,000 to get us through the first phase of creating the prototype text and accompanying web site. (The Connecticut Council for the Social Studies has committed $2,000 to pay honoraria to teachers to write for us.)

We’ve set a $50,000 goal for our Friends campaign this year–a stretch goal to be sure. Our Friends of Connecticut Explored are member-subscribers who make a tax-deductible gift above and beyond the cost of receiving the magazine. Friends who donate $100 or more are thanked via listing in the spring issue and at ctexplored.org/friends

Please help us fill this unexpected funding gap and fund our 3rd grade project with a gift to the Friends of Connecticut Explored. Mail a check to us at P.O. Box 271561, West Hartford, CT, 06127-1561 or make a contribution online.


Among the great joys of leading CT Explored are the many enthusiastic supporters who share our love of Connecticut’s history. As my mother used to tell me, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Hope you’ll join us. 

Elizabeth J. Normen


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