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NEW! The Great Escapes Collection
5 Issues: $30 ($43 value)

This collection features stories about great places to visit in Connecticut and the history behind them.
Volume 14 #3: Small Towns, BIG Stories
Volume 13 #2: Connecticut as Muse
Volume 8 #3: Exploring the Connecticut Landscape
Volume 6 #3: On and Off the Beaten Path
Volume 4 #3: Great Escapes & Landscapes



Art Collection (1)The Art History Collection 
5 Issues: $30 (a $43 value)

This collection features stories on fine and decorative arts, performing arts, and music. From Monet to Katharine Hepburn, this collection explores Connecticut’s place in the art world.
Volume 3 #1 Art History 101
Volume 5 #1 Art History II
Volume 6 #4 And the Beat Goes On
Volume 9 #1 The Design Issue
Volume 13 #2 Connecticut as Muse



War collection (1)The War & Homefront Collection
5 Issues: $30 (a $43 value)
This collection features stories on Connecticut’s involvement in the War of 1812, the Civil War, World War I, and more.
Volume 2 #1 On the Home Front
Volume 3 #4 Liberty & Justice for All
Volume 9 #2 Connecticut in the Civil War
Volume 10 #3 Connecticut in the War of 1812
Volume 13 #1 Connecticut at War



FullSizeRenderThe Connecticut Brand Collection
6 issues: $35 (a $49 value!)
This collection features stories on Connecticut’s manufacturing and industrial history. You’ll read about products—some well known, some surprising—that were made or conceived in Connecticut. Delve into the places and people that made these products, and how Connecticut’s manufacturing past impacted the day-to-day lives of Connecticut’s people in places like Bridgeport, New Britain, Waterbury, and more!

Volume 2 #3 All in a Days Work
Volume 3 #2 Made in Connecticut
Volume 5 #4 We Made It!
Volume 10 #1 Connecticut Abroad
Volume 12 #1 Connecticut At Work
Volume 14 #1 That’s a Connecticut Brand?


Preservation collection (1)Historic Preservation Collection
5 issues: $30 (a $43 value!)
This collection features stories highlighting Connecticut’s impressive architecture and highlights efforts by preservationists to save, adapt, and reuse important places across the state.
Volume 1 #2 Built It/Razed It
Volume 4 #1 Build It/Razed It II
Volume 8 #1 Modern Architecture
Volume 12 #3 History Underground
Volume 13 #3 Historic Preservation—Not Just Buildings!



Politics CollectionPolitics & Government Collection
6 issues: $35 (a $49 value!)
Read about the political figures who have influenced Connecticut, and the way in which our government has changed overtime. You’ll read stories about Connecticut’s founding documents, voting and suffrage, and other important historical events with a couple of surprise guest stars along the way—did you know Abraham Lincoln and JFK both visited Connecticut?
Volume 2 #4 Politics & Power
Volume 3 #4 Liberty & Justice for All
Volume 7 #1 Rascals, Reprobates & Reformers
Volume 10 #4 The Land of Steady Habits?
Volume 12 #2 Still Revolutionary?
Volume 12 #4 Power of the Pen


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