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Connecticut Explored

Connecticut history, one good story after another

IN THIS ISSUE: Monuments and Memory

pg 9 Hog River Journal: Monuments and Monumental Arguments

By Kathy Hermes

pg 10 Guest Editor: Stories in Stone

By Matthew Warshauer

pg 11 Letters, etc.

pg 12 Connecticut Explored Summer Passport Program

pg 14 A Monumental Endeavor: The Bulkeley Bridge

By Kristen Levithan

pg 20 Courage and Camaraderie Under the Arch

By Kristin Steeves

pg 26 Connecticut and the Civil War: Monuments to Emancipation, and Not . . .

By Matthew Warshauer

pg 30 In the Tornado’s Path: Bridgeport’s Barnum Museum    

By Kathy Maher with Tim O’Brien

pg 34 Special Section: Remembering John Mason

pg 34 Overview

By David J. Naumec

pg 39 Separation Is an Illusion

By Joshua Carter

pg 40 What If?

By Mitchel Ray

pg 41 John Mason Statues as Detritus of History

By Marie McDaniel

pg 42 Testimony: Walter W. Woodward

pg 43 Testimony: Rodney Butler

pg 38 Reader Survey: What Should Happen to the Mason Monuments?

pg 44 CT Humanities: 50 Years of Serving Humans (and Not Squirrels)

By Dana Barcellos-Allen

pg 48 The Historical Society of Glastonbury and the COVID-19 History Project

By Julie Thompson

pg 50 Snapshots!

pg 52 Site Lines: Restoring the Gallaudet Monument

pg 54 Spotlight: News & Events from Partner Organizations


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