Summer 2014 VOLUME 12/NUMBER 3


Summer 2014 VOLUME 12/ NUMBER 3




IN THIS ISSUE:  History Under Our Feet   >   From Cold War to Cool Wine   >   Bellantoni’s Favorite Digs   >   A Pile of Rocks Rewrites History   >   A Lakota Sioux Returns Home

PLUS: Four Towns Celebrate 375!

ON THE COVER: Archaeologists examine ballast stones that may be a wreck from the War of 1812. photo: Jerry Roberts. See story p. 38.

Table of Contents

9  Hog  River Journal: Why Connecticut Didn’t Go Dutch By Elizabeth J. Normen

10  Letters,  etc.

13  From  the State Historian: Henry Green and the Final Underground. By Walter W. Woodward

15  From Cold War to Cold Storage
An underground insurance records facility now stores something sweeter. By John Ramsey

20  State Archaeologist on 30 Years of Great Finds: Right Down the Street, and Right Beneath Your Feet
Our state archaeologist’s favorite finds. By Nicholas F. Bellantoni

26  Rediscovering Albert Afraid of Hawk 
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West leaves a trail of tears. By Diane C. Hassan

32  An Early Advocate for Connecticut’s Gay Community 
Canon Jones was on the vanguard of gay rights. By Emily E. Gifford

38  New Discoveries at Battle Site Essex By Jerry Roberts

40   Site Lines: Preserving What We Can’t See By Karin Peterson

42  Restoring East Granby’s Smallpox Cemetery By Tom Howard

44  Milford, Guilford, and Stratford at 375 By Gene Leach

47  Fairfield Celebrates Its 375th By Elizabeth Rose

48  From the Desk of Stuart Parnes, Connecticut Humanities

51  Spotlight: Events  & News from Partner Organizations

57  Afterword  


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