Summer 2014: History Underground


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This issue explores our “underground” history. We invited state archaeologist Nick Bellantoni to tell us about his favorite digs during his 27 years in that role. One of those, the poignant story of Lakota Sioux Albert Afraid of Hawk who died in Danbury while traveling with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, is expanded into a full story by Danbury Museum & Historical Society historian and researcher Diane Hassan. You’ll also read about a former Cold War era underground insurance and bank record vault that has found a new life as a wine storage facility. You’ll read about how archaeological findings in the Connecticut River off of Essex are helping retell the story of the British attack on that town 200 years ago during the War of 1812. And we help Fairfield, Milford, Guildford, and Stratford (which we affectionately dubbed “3 fords and a field”) celebrate their 375th birthdays. Find out the interesting stories behind the founding of these four town and how they’re celebrating.

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