Save Connecticut Humanities


Connecticut Explored stands in solidarity with the entire heritage and humanities community and in shock over Gov. Malloy’s elimination of all state funding for Connecticut Humanities, our partner and co-publisher. This action appears to be unprecedented.

CTH’s funding was not a large sum in the big scheme of the state budget so it’s hard to imagine how it got singled out and why. CTH’s state funding did not benefit just CTH: on the contrary, since those funds were for re-granting, CTH has had to cancel all of its grant-making beginning July 1. This loss will be born by hundreds of history organizations, in every town in the state–including your town.

CTH’s economic impact study shows that every dollar CTH grants yields $63 in economic impact. So the loss of funding has a multiplier effect. But of course it’s not just the money–it’s the threat to historic properties and collections that give us a sense of place, the education programs that will not reach our kids, the museum professionals whose jobs will be cut back or eliminated. The humanities and heritage sector employs more than 5,000 people in Connecticut. Find out more at and read CTH executive director Doug Fisher’s open letter to Governor Malloy here:

CT Explored, too, will be impacted, but is fortunate to have many loyal readers, Friends of Connecticut Explored, and partners to assist us in weathering what we hope is not a permanent elimination of state funding to our partner CT Humanities. Every one of us who loves Connecticut and Connecticut history and values the humanities will need to rally as never before to save our history for future generations.

Elizabeth Normen



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