“My Town” Template for Where I Live: Connecticut


See the sample “My Town” below and then answer each of the following questions in 100-150 words. Keep sentences and paragraphs short and uncomplicated–but don’t worry, we’ll revise to grade level. Your town’s story should cover its history, economy, geography, and civics. Please discuss all people’s perspectives–the Native Americans who were there when the settlers arrived, and immigration. Please note if it was founded due to a geographic feature such as a river, or if technology of some kind influenced its development and growth (such as the railroad). Does it have a historic town green? Is the town character defined by factory buildings, farms, maritime activities? 

Answer these questions in a WORD document (we’ll do the formatting once we load it into the Where I Live website.)

Where is my town?

How was it founded?

How do its residents make a living?

How did it grow?

Who are its notable people?

Please include a map, if possible, a population chart, and up to three images. Please include links to resources that you’d like students and teachers to access such as field trip or programs that you offer. 

Please e-mail your WORD document with the text and attachments to enormen@ctexplored.org. Contact enormen@ctexplored.org if you have any questions. 


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