Fall 2013 VOLUME 11/ NUMBER 4




IN THIS ISSUE:   Our New Connecticans   >   Bringing Their Fishing Tradition to Stonington   >   From Wartime Internment to Resettlement   >   What Led to the Pequot War   >    The Irish Define Domestic Service

Table of Contents

9 Hog River Journal

10 Letters, etc.

13 From the State Historian: Immigrants All… [Read it Here] By Walter W. Woodward

14 Wartime Relocation Brings Japanese Americans East [Read it Here]
Interned Americans start a new life in Connecticut. By Cathy J. Schlund-Vials

20 Exploring and Uncovering the Pequot War [Read it Here]
The arrival of the British leads to conflict. By Kevin McBride and Laurie Pasteryak Lamarre

26 Connecticut’s Irish Domestics [READ it Here]
Making their way as “living out girls.” By Neil Hogan

32 Southern Blacks Transform Connecticut [Read it Here]
The great migration had an impact, too. By Stacey Close

38 “They came here as fishermen…” [Read it Here]
The story of the Portuguese in Stonington. By Fred Calabretta

44 Site Lines: Russian Village By Stacey Vairo

46 Preserving Culture Through the Arts: Connecticut Cultural Heritage Arts Program
By Elizabeth J. Normen

47 Destination: The Ethnic Heritage Center By Mary M. Donohue

48 Scottish Heritage Up Close: Scotland’s Highland Games By Hannah Camden

50 From the Desk of Stuart Parnes, Connecticut Humanities

52 Spotlight: Events & News from Partner Organizations

57 Afterword