Fall 2013 VOLUME 11/ NUMBER 4




IN THIS ISSUE:   Our New Connecticans   >   Bringing Their Fishing Tradition to Stonington   >   From Wartime Internment to Resettlement   >   What Led to the Pequot War   >    The Irish Define Domestic Service

Table of Contents

9 Hog River Journal: The Diversity of Connecticut By Elizabeth J. Normen

10 Letters, etc.

13 From the State Historian: Immigrants All… By Walter W. Woodward

14 Wartime Relocation Brings Japanese Americans East
Interned Americans start a new life in Connecticut. By Cathy J. Schlund-Vials

20 Exploring and Uncovering the Pequot War 
The arrival of the British leads to conflict. By Kevin McBride and Laurie Pasteryak Lamarre

26 Connecticut’s Irish Domestics 
Making their way as “living out girls.” By Neil Hogan

32 Southern Blacks Transform Connecticut 
The great migration had an impact, too. By Stacey Close

38 “They came here as fishermen…” 
The story of the Portuguese in Stonington. By Fred Calabretta

44 Site Lines: Russian Village By Stacey Vairo

46 Preserving Culture Through the Arts: Connecticut Cultural Heritage Arts Program
By Elizabeth J. Normen

47 Destination: The Ethnic Heritage Center By Mary M. Donohue

48 Scottish Heritage Up Close: Scotland’s Highland Games By Hannah Camden

50 From the Desk of Stuart Parnes, Connecticut Humanities

52 Spotlight: Events & News from Partner Organizations

57 Afterword