Summer 2014: History Under Our Feet

Colin McEnroe interviews authors of two stories and the subject of one story from the Summer 2014 issue: state archaeologist Nick Bellantoni, War of 1812 historian Jerry Roberts, and Jed Benedict, owner of a wine cellar housed in a former Cold War insurance and bank record bunker. Digging Deep into Connecticut’s Underground History

Our New Book: African American Connecticut Explored

John Dankosky on Where We live talks with editor Elizabeth Normen, and contributing authors Stacey Close, Katherine Harris, and Frank Mitchell on the long and rich history of African Americans in Connecticut. January 2014

Winter 2010/2011

Colin McEnroe in December 2012 talks with several guests, including publisher Elizabeth Normen, on topics about Christmas. Normen’s segment relates to “Christmas in Connecticut,” (Winter 2010/2011) a photo essay of historic Christmas decorations and how the Puritans in the state felt about the holiday.

Spring 2010: Facing Hard Times

Colin McEnroe Show: Gregg Pugliese and Elizabeth Normen talk about the Spring 2010 Hard Times issue and Peter Paul company.

Winter 2009/2010: Built It/Razed It III–the Moderns Issue

Hear Mary Donohue and Elizabeth Normen talk about the Berlin Turnpike and the Winter 2009/2010 issue on Colin McEnroe’s show on WNPR.


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