Introducing ConnTours


By Gregg Mangan

(c) Connecticut Explored Inc. Fall 2019

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Through programs such as, Teach It, Book Voyages, the Connecticut Center for the Book, and our competitive granting program, Connecticut Humanities is dedicated to ensuring the vibrancy of the state’s literary, history, and heritage communities. Consequently, we are very excited to announce the launch of our newest program, ConnTours.

ConnTours is a free mobile app that serves as your tour guide to historic and cultural sites throughout Connecticut. The app allows you to explore some of Connecticut’s most intriguing places at your own pace and on your own schedule, guided by your phone or other mobile device.

You can take one of our statewide theme-based tours (which includes “The Freedom Trail,” “The Revolutionary Trail,” and “The Women’s Heritage Trail”) or click on “Town/City-Based Tours” to see more localized walking tours we have begun developing with regional organizations. In addition, users can chart their own paths by searching for interesting and important sites near them, by tagging some of their favorite sites for future reference, and by sharing their experiences at various sites through links to social media. The creation of new tours, and the addition of new sites to existing tours, is ongoing, so we encourage you to check back frequently.

The content presented in ConnTours provides only a brief introduction to the complex stories that inspired each entry, and we hope the app will encourage you to explore and learn more. To begin enjoying all the distinctive and inspiring places Connecticut has to offer, visit your mobile device’s app store and download ConnTours today.

Gregg Mangan is manager of digital humanities for Connecticut Humanities.


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