Humanities Council Grant Received


Connecticut Explored recently received a grant from the Connecticut Humanities Council to support publication in 2009/2010.  We are deeply grateful to the Humanities Council as very few foundation fund publications.  We are also grateful to the Friends of Connecticut Explored (donors of $100 or more) for their matching gift support. 

One of the largest humanities councils in the nation, the Connecticut Humanities Council (CHC) nurtures thoughtful exploration of history and literature along with the cultural benefits of both.  CHC’s reading programs benefit Connecticut citizens of all ages by opening up the world of books to children, encouraging reading as a family activity and engaging adults in throught provoking book discussions.  CHC’s new $1.7 million Heritage Revitalization Initiative seeks to stabilize Connecticut’s heritage organizations and position them for success while bringing the state’s past directly to the public through an online encyclopedia of Connecticut history, the infusion of Connecticut history topics in the social studies curriculum and the creation of new media materials on our past.  This year, CHC will produce or fund more than $3 million in cultural programming and enrigh the lives of residents and visitors statewide.  For more information on the Connecticut Humanities Council and its programs, please visit or call (860) 685-7570.


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