History Day 2021 IDEA BANK


History Day 2021

Communication in History: The Key to Understanding

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We’ve organized our IDEA BANK by TYPE OF COMMUNICATION and TOPIC. Scroll through to find a topic that interests you!

CT Explored Issues that focus on Communication in History

Winter 2020-2021
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Our Winter 2020-2021 issue is all about communication in history!

  • A Brief History of Gay Media in Connecticut
  • Spiritualism: Communicating with the Great Beyond
  • Amateur Radio and the American Radio Relay League
  • World War I soldiers and the art they left behind in the trenches
  • Mark Twain’s Scrapbook Invention and its contribution to his writing career

Fall 2014: The Power of the Pen


Primary Sources: Letters, diaries, personal narratives, Interviews—keys to understanding history

Speeches and Speech-making




Banners, Buttons & Flags

Protest, Parades, and Petitions

MEDIA: Newspapers, Film, Television, Radio


Monuments, Memorials, and Gravestones: What do they communicate?

Brochures, Advertising, and Signs


Maps: What they Communicate


Explore by TOPIC

How did communication help reformers and activists get their message out and make change?

The Emancipation Proclamation: What it communicated to the people of Connecticut

How marketing and communication created the first celebrity

How to communicate with birds

An execution sermon sent a message

The Tragic Result of Poor Communication

Creating a Greeting Card Company

Oral History: What is it and how to do it

Meeting in Person to Plan a Revolution

  • American Revolution: Why is Connecticut sometimes called The Conference State? The “Conference” State. By Ann Harrison and Mary Donohue. https://www.ctexplored.org/the-conference-state/



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