After publishing for nearly seven years as Hog River Journal, this is our first issue under our new name, Connecticut Explored.  The new name better reflects our mission to uncover and discover the Connecticut story–statewide.  Every issue, I learn something that enriches my life and deepens my appreciation for the Nutmeg State.

      Our latest issue is on the theme “The Sporting Life” and explores Connecticut’s sports history.  The issue is a treasure trove of stories covering: the longest-running football rivalry in the nation, The Whalers, women’s basketball, boxing, bicycle racing, running, plus a surprising place where you can find a vintage baseball card collection, where to find a list of Connecticut’s lost ski resorts,–and, ESPN, in it’s 30th anniversary year, explains how they came to be headquartered in Bristol. 

     If you’re not all that interested in sports–and that includes me, actually–you’ll still find it a fascinating issue–as I have–because many of these stories have those great universal themes of persevering against the odds to achieve success.  These are stories of regular folks who discover, sometimes by accident, a talent that enables them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.  Who doesn’t love a story like that? 

     What’s up next? For Winter, we’re exploring modern architecture in Connecticut.  We may be the land of steady habits, but Connecticut was a hot bed of innovation in architecture in the 20th century. We thank the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism for sponsoring the issue and for the editorial leadership on the issue by Mary Donohue of the Commission. 

     Next spring we explore how Connecticans have faced personal, economic, and political hardships in times past.  You can be assured it was with grit and ingenuity!

     I invite you to join me by subscribing. Begin your exploration of Connecticut history today. You’ll enjoy one good story after another!

Elizabeth Normen



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