Fall 2022: On the Cover


Cover of the Fall 2022 issue(c) Connecticut Explored Inc., Fall 2022

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Top row, left to right: 

Erin Lamb Meeches (Schaghticoke). Detail, photo: Carol M. Highsmith, Carol M. Highsmith’s America, Library of Congress. See “A Return to Equal Suffrage in Connecticut,” Summer 2020. 

Maria Colon Sanchez, 1973. Hartford History Center, Hartford Public Library. See, Godmother of Hartford’s Puerto Rican Community,” Summer 2003, and Kids’ Page: “Celebrating Maria Colon Sanchez,” Summer 2020. 

Ebenezer Bassett, from “Distinguished Colored Men,” A. Muller & Co., c. 1883. Library of Congress. See “Ebenezer Bassett’s Historic Journey,” Winter 2011/2012. 

Nathan Hale, Wadsworth Atheneum. photo: Sarajane Cedrone. See “City, Country, Town: Connecticut Landmarks,” Summer 2010.  

Game Changer Pablo Delano. Courtesy of Pablo Delano. See Fall 2022, page 25. 

Second row, left to right: 

Jackie Robinson, Library of Congress. See Fall 2022, page 61.

John Winthrop, Jr., engraving by Amos Doolittle, 1797, Connecticut State Library. See, Connecticut, America’s First Research Laboratory,” Fall 2017. 

Game Changer Mary & Eliza Freeman Center for History and Community. Detail, Duvian Montoya, “Pillars of Freedom,” courtesy of The Mary & Eliza Freeman Center for History and Community. See Fall 2022, page 25. 

Game Changer Steve Thornton, courtesy of Steve Thornton. See Fall 2022 page 27

Game Changer Steve Harris, courtesy of Steve Harris. See Fall 2022 page 30. 

Third row, left to right: 

Game Changer Elena Rosario, courtesy of Elena Rosario. See Fall 2022 page 23. 

Game Changer Hartford History Center, Hartford Public Library. O. Racine, “Lucy Cooper Summers (1920 – 1995),” courtesy of Hartford History Center. See Fall 2022, pages 31 and 46. 

Game Changer Charles Teale Sr., courtesy of Charles Teale Sr. See Fall 2022 page 30 and 46. 

Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain, Library of Congress. See “Saving Mark Twain’s House,” Spring 2013. 

Katharine Houghton Hepburn, Library of Congress. See “The Long Road to Women’s Suffrage,” Spring 2016. 

Fourth row, left to right: 

Harriet Beecher Stowe, Library of Congress. See “The Most Famous American,” Summer 2011. 

Game Changer Ocean Vuong, photo: Peter Bienkowksi, courtesy Penguin. See Fall 2022, page 22. 

Game Changer Benie N’sumbu, courtesy of Benie N’sumbu. See Fall 2022, page 26. 

Constance Baker Motley, Library of Congress. See “Site Lines: Constance Baker Motley’s Chester Retreat,” Summer 2021. 

P.T. Barnum, Library of Congress. See “P.T. Barnum Builds a City,” Winter 2021-2022. 



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