Fall 2019: Family History—Separating Fact from Fiction


Fall 2019

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Connecticut Explored

IN THIS ISSUE: Family History—Separating Fact from Fiction > Who’s Buried in Harford’s Colonial Cemetery?   >  The Ferridays Inspire Two Historical Novels  >  From Humble Beginnings to Art World Height  >  Celebrating Archives Month

ON THE COVER: Kathryn, Mabel, and Helen Burke, c. 1907. Greenwich Historical Society. See story, page 46.

Table of Contents

9 Hog River Journal: Venture & Meg Smith, A Connecticut Family
By Elizabeth J. Normen

10 Letters, etc.

13 From the State Historian: The Beechers—Connecticut’s Most Accomplished Family?
By Walter W. Woodward

14 Donald Lines Jacobus and the Making of American Genealogy
Researching your family before the Internet.
By Briann Greenfield

20 Unburying Hartford’s Native and African Family Histories
Not only Puritans were buried in Hartford’s first cemetery.
By Katherine A. Hermes

26 Caroline Ferriday and her Infinitely Generous Family
Finding inspiration at the Bellamy-Ferriday House.
By Martha Hall Kelly

32 Celebrating Archives Month

34 Searching for My James and Lane Families
Separating fact from fiction in my family tree.
By Elisabeth Petry

40 The LeWitts Raise a World-Class Artist
Conceptual artist Sol LeWitt’s humble beginnings.
By Lary Bloom

46 Childe Hassam and the Burkes of Cos Cob
By Susan G. Larkin

48 The Boys & Girls Clubs of America Started Here
By Kevin Flood

52 Site Lines: A Love Story at the Palmer-Warner House
By Erin Farley

54 Introducing ConnTours
By Gregg Mangan

55 Spotlight


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