Fall 2015 VOLUME 13/NUMBER 4


Fall 2015



IN THIS ISSUE:  Time, Talent, Treasure   >   Sharing a Passion for Music   >    Inspired by Patriot Forebears for 125 Years   >   Our Carnegie Connection   >   Taking Care of Our Own 

ON THE COVER: Founders of the Hebrew Ladies Old People’s Home, c. 1910. See page 42. photo: Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford

Table of Contents

9 Hog River Journal

10 Letters, etc.

14 From the State Historian: The Picture Not TakenBy Walter W. Woodward

16 Connecticut’s Carnegie Libraries. Eleven libraries built by the man of steel. CLICK HERE TO READ
By Mary M. Donohue with Kory Mills

22 Connecticut’s Philanthropic Impulse. Connecticans dig deep. By Gene Leach CLICK HERE TO READ

28 The Musical Club of Hartford: 125 Years of Music. A shared passion endures. By Jennifer LaRue Huget CLICK HERE TO READ

34 A National Stage for Anne Rogers Minor. A Connecticut daughter finds her calling. By William Hosley CLICK HERE TO READ

40 I Called Him Mr. Hurley. By Charles A. Teale, Sr. CLICK HERE TO READ

42 The Handkerchief Brigade. By Betty N. Hoffman CLICK HERE TO READ

44 Knights of Columbus: A Fortress for Faith-Based AdvocacyBy Wm. Frank Mitchell CLICK HERE TO READ

46 Site Lines: The Hannah Gray House. By Sarajane Cedrone CLICK HERE TO READ

48 Spotlight: Events & News from Partner Organizations

55 Afterword 

64 Connecticut HumanitiesThe Online Future of Connecticut’s HistoryBy Douglas G. Fisher



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