Fall 2014 VOLUME 12/NUMBER 4


Fall 2014 CoverFall 2014 VOLUME 12/NUMBER 4



IN THIS ISSUE: The Power of the Pen   >   Welles on Lincoln      >   The Courant and Its Politics   >   The Unsung Novelist Ann Petry    >   Our Newbery and Caldecott Medal Winners   >
Connecticut Pioneers Copyright Law

ON THE COVER: (l to r) Novelist Ann Petry (page 26), courtesy of Elisabeth Petry; Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles (page 20), Library of Congress; “Cubist Reflection,” Richard Welling (page 14), Connecticut Historical Society; Journalist Ida Tarbell (page 50), Library of Congress

Table of Contents

9  Hog River Journal: Can you Trust What You Read? By Elizabeth Normen

10 Letters, etc.

13  From the State Historian: Birth Control and Zones of Privacy CLICK HERE TO READ
      By Walter W. Woodward

14  Hartford’s Artist Historian
With pen and ink, Richard Welling documented a city. By Nancy Finlay

20  Gideon Welles: A Connecticut Yankee in Lincoln’s Cabinet CLICK HERE TO READ
History in the words of Lincoln’s secretary of the navy. By J. Ronald Spencer 

26  “Just Like Georgia Except for the Climate”  CLICK HERE TO READ
Novelist Ann Petry captured mid-20th-century Connecticut. By Elisabeth Petry 

32  Once Upon a Time in Connecticut CLICK HERE TO READ
      Our history of award-winning children’s books. By Jennifer LaRue Huget 

38  The Political Fires that Fueled The Courant CLICK HERE TO READ
      For most of its 250 years, politics was the point. By Joseph F. Nunes

43  Noah Webster: Father of American Copyright Law CLICK HERE TO READ By Elizabeth J. Normen

46  Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Unpopular Cause  CLICK HERE TO READ By Beth Burgess

48  When Books Became Enemy Propaganda By Mark H. Jones

50  Site Lines Ida Tarbell: A Muckracker Retreats to Easton CLICK HERE TO READ By Karin Peterson

52  From the Desk of Connecticut Humanities. By Amanda Roy

54  Spotlight: Events & News from Partner Organizations

60  Afterword  


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