Every Single Day . . .


by Walter W. Woodward

As state historian, I begin each day excited about building greater awareness for the history of our state. Helping more people better appreciate all the important, curious, fun, unique, profound, strange, and (insert your favorite adjective here) _________ things that happened in our past is what I live and breathe for.

That’s why I’m so excited about the major initiative the Office of the State Historian at UCONN Hartford has undertaken with Connecticut Humanities and Connecticut Public Media, and with the support of the Sue Hart Foundation. Every day of the year, Today in Connecticut History lets you know—on the web at todayincthistory.com, via email, through social media, and on weekday radio spots on Connecticut Public Radio—a fascinating and often little-known Connecticut story. 

A team of researchers and writers, including Gregg Mangan at CTHumanities, Rachel Smith at the state historian’s office, J Holt at Connecticut Public Media, and yours truly, work to find stories that make you smile, nod, think, remember, and altogether appreciate the uniqueness of our history and culture.

At todayincthistory.com Rachel researches and writes features that highlight the significance of each day’s event and also provides links to articles offering greater detail. These are of special use to educators and students. Many of the stories we use originated in Gregg’s On this Day in Connecticut History (History Press, 2016). I write and narrate, and J produces, the daily radio spots, and all of us continually seek new and different stories to add to our list.

If you haven’t visited yet, stop in at todayincthistory.com soon. While you’re there, be sure to sign up for daily email updates. And listen for our weekday spots on Connecticut Public Radio, too. Remember: Big things happened. In this state. On this date. Every single day.

Walter Woodward is the Connecticut state historian. Listen to his podcasts at Gratingthenutmeg.libsyn.com and visit todayincthistory.com.

Walter Woodward is the Connecticut state historian. Listen to his podcasts at ctexplored.org/listen or gratingthenutmeg.libsyn.com and visit todayincthistory.com.


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