Summer 2012 VOLUME 10/ NUMBER 3



Our Own Star Spangled Banner
Blue Lights and Rockets’ Red Glare
Fending off the British
The Infamous Convention
The War We Hated
A photo essay about Conecticut in the War of 1812.
By Fred Calabretta and Edward Baker
Scrappy citizens beat back the British.
By Nancy Steenburg
Why, oh, why did they convene.
By Matthew Warshauer
A dark moment in a river town’s history.
By Jerry Roberts
An uncle fails on land, his nephew triumphs at sea.
By Carolyn Ivanoff
pg 9 Hog River Journal: The War of 1812—Was This Our Finest HourBy Elizabeth J. Normen
pg 10 Letters, etc
pg 13 From the State Historian: The War Connecticut Hated. By Walter W. Woodward
pg 14 “The Rockets’ Red Glare”: Connecticut and the War of 1812. By Fred Calabretta & Edward Baker
pg 20 Attack on Stonington By Nancy Steenburg
pg 26
pg 32 The British Raid on Essex. By Jerry Robert
pg 34
pg 40 Site Lines: The Mysterious Blue Lights. By Steven Slosberg
Fort Decatur. By Daniel Forrest
pg 44 re: Collections: The Stonington Battle Flag. By Susan J. Jerome
pg 49 There’s a Map for That!
pg 50 From the Desk of Stuart Parnes
pg 53 Spotlight: Events & News from Partner Organizations.
pg 57 Afterword

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