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IN THIS ISSUE:   Is First Always Best?
Sikorsky Takes Flight   >   Boosters for our Revolutionary History   >   Bessye Bennett Breaks a Barrier   >   Harnessing Nautical and Nuclear Power   >   One Man, One Vote


ON THE COVER: The lighthouse on Saybrook Jetty outside the storied Fenwick summer colony marks the very end of the Connecticut River and is featured on Connecticut license plates with the motto “Preserve the Sound.” Al Braden, “The Connecticut River: A Photographic Journey Through the Heart of New England,” (Wesleyan University Press, 2009)

Table of Contents

9  Hog  River Journal: Is It Best to Be First? By Elizabeth J. Normen

10  Letters,  etc.

13  From  the State Historian: A Revolutionary Gamble…Again By Walter W. Woodward

14  Connecticut River: First National Blueway Runs Through Connecticut
A trip down our namesake river. By Elizabeth J. Normen

20  Sikorsky—Still Revolutionary
Innovating his way into aviation history. By Alexander Soule

26  Celebrating Our Patriot Forefathers
The 125th anniversary of the Sons of the American Revolution. By Jennifer Eifrig

32  UConn Law: The Trailblazing Bessye Bennett
Following her dream into the legal profession. By Constance Belton Green

38  Out of the Depression, A Symphony Rises
Francis Goodwin’s symphony endures. By Muriel Fleischmann

44   Site Lines: Connecticut’s State Ship By Karin Peterson

46   Reflections  on the 1965 Constitutional Convention By Lawrence J. DeNardis

48  Windham  as Weir’s Muse By Anne Dawson

50  From the Desk of Stuart Parnes, Connecticut Humanities

53  Spotlight: Events  & News from Partner Organizations

59  Afterword  


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