Spring 2011 VOLUME 9 / NUMBER 2
IN THIS ISSUE: Connecticut in the Civil War


 Connecticut Builds a Navy

 African Americans Fight for Freedom and the Union

 Valor and Sacrifice on the Home Front

 Hazardville to Coltsville—“As Many As You Can Make”

 The Power of the Battle Flag

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On the Cover: top, left to right: Connecticut Historical Society, Library of Congress, New Canaan Historical Society. middle, left to right: Peabody Essex Museum, Connecticut Battle Flag Collection, The Amistad Center for Art & Culture. bottom, left to right: Robert Gregson/CCT, Museum of Connecticut History, Yale Collection of American Literature

Heroes of the Home Front
Women’s shining deeds honored their country.
By Kathleen Maher
Connecticut’s Naval Contributions to the Civil War
Glastonbury’s Gideon Welles brings order out of chaos.
By William N. Peterson
Connecticut Arms the Union
Rifles, revolvers, and shells that sound “like the shriek of a demon.”
By Dean E. Nelson
Memorials to a Nation Preserved
The great sacrifice remembered in stone and bronze.
By Matthew Warshauer and Mary M. Donohue
Soldier’s Heart
Did Civil War veterans suffer from PTSD?
By Michael Sturges
pg 9

Hog River Journal: What About Connecticut in the Civil War? 
By Matthew Warshauer

pg 10

Letters, etc.

pg 13

From the State Historian: The Final Journey of Nathaniel Lyon. By Walter W. Woodward

pg 14 Heroes of the Home Front. By Kathleen Maher
pg 18 The War Comes to Town:
Madison Meets a Call for Troops. By Paulette Clark Kaufmann
The Peace Movement in Litchfield. By Julie Frey Leone
pg 22 Connecticut’s Naval Contributions to the Civil War (READ HERE) By William N. Peterson
pg 28 Site Lines: Black Abolitionists Speak. By Cora Murray and Whitney Bayers
pg 30 Connecticut Arms the Union. By Dean E. Nelson

pg 36

The 29th Regiment Colored Volunteers. By Charles (Ben) Hawley
pg 38 Memorials to a Nation Preserved. By Matthew Warshauer and Mary M. Donohue
pg 44 Soldier’s Heart. By Michael Sturges
pg 50 The Fisk Jubilee Singers Tour the North. By Frank Mitchell
pg 52 Re: collections: Battle Flags. By Gerry Caughman
pg 53 Spotlight: Events & News from Partner Organizations
pg 58 Afterword



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