BACK ISSUES – Fall 2011


Fall 2011 VOLUME 9 / NUMBER 4


Natural Disasters, Man-made Calamities
Saving Waterbury City Hall
Eagle Sails Out of War & Into Peace
On the Hunt for Civil War Treasures

On the Cover: The Connecticut State Police assisting in search and rescue at Ground Zero, September 2001. Connecticut State Police


14 What a Disaster!
Connecticut Connecticut catastrophes through the ages. By Emma Demar with Elizabeth J. Normen
20 Everyday Heroes
On duty or off, ordinary people, extraordinary courages. By Karen L. Fredrick and Anne H. Young
26 September 11, 2001 Connecticut Responds and Reflects
How we responded to the terrorist attackes of 9/11. By Anne Guernsey
32 America’s Tall Ship
The rebirth of the German Horst Wessel. By Tido H. Holtkamp
pg 9 Hog River Journal: Remembering 9/11
By Elizabeth J. Normen
pg 10 Letters, etc
g 13 From the State Historian: Where Were You?…  By Walter W. Woodward 
pg 14 What a Disaster! By Emma Demar with Elizabeth J. Normen
pg 20 Everyday Heroes. By Karen L. Frederick and Anne H. Young
pg 26 September 11, 2001: Connecticut Responds and Reflects. By Anne Guernsey
pg 32 America’s Tall Ship. By Tido H. Holtkamp
pg 38 Tuskegee Airman Connie Nappier: “I Wanted to Fly.” By Eileen Hurst
pg 40 What Would Dr. King Want You to Do?” By Cynthia Reik
pg 42
Site Lines: Putting Waterbury City Hall Back into Commission. By Robert W. Grzywacz
pg 44 History Day in Connecticut
pg 48 Destination: The Living 9/11 Memorial. By Nicole Chalfant
pg 50 re: Collections:Hartford History Center
From the Desk of Stuart Parnes

pg 48 Spotlight: Events & News from Partner Organizations
pg 56 Afterword

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